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Put Us To Work

Developing commercially successful products is one of many services we provide

INFORMING, EDUCATING AND TRAINING on the superior quality attributes of US flue-cured is what we have done for 75+ years.  However, we have taken it much further… we DEMONSTRATE how these attributes produce successful products through the inclusion of US flue-cured.  [READ LESS]

Since 1986, we have been working with manufacturers, large and small, throughout the world to incorporate US flue-cured tobacco in their blends.  We utilize the expertise of professional, highly-experienced, independent consultants who have spent their careers designing and developing successful new products.  By helping you source, evaluate, select and integrate US flue-cured into your blends, we create a “Win-Win” opportunity for all involved.  You profit from increased product sales, our farmers benefit from greater export demand, and we are rewarded by knowing that our efforts contributed to your success.   

All tobacco is NOT created equal.  Chemically or physically, many tobaccos are hard to distinguish from each other. Consumers choose the product they buy based on their level of satisfaction, especially product taste and aroma.  We will be your partner in developing blends that your consumers will buy.  Put Us and our experienced team To Work for you to develop the winning product. 


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