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Hank Mozingo

Hank Mozingo, President


Hank began his career with Tobacco Associates in 1990.  A year later, he was given the responsibility of managing TA’s technical product development consultant teams working with customers and potential customers interested in utilizing US flue-cured tobacco.  In 1994, Hank was promoted to director of international operations, managing TA’s international market development programs and promotions.  Hank has worked with some of the smartest and best technical minds in the tobacco business and continues to do so today.  In addition to Hank’s technical experience in product development, he also has broad knowledge in marketing new products in international markets. 

In 1996, Hank was elected to the office of vice president and given the responsibility of devising and managing all of TA’s international and domestic promotion programs.  Hank has learned the tobacco business “on the job” and has traveled to over 30 countries educating and assisting hundreds of officials on the quality characteristics and benefits of US produced flue-cured tobacco.  Hank has been a featured speaker at international tobacco trade expositions and continues to travel extensively on behalf of the US flue-cured tobacco growers.  In March 2017, the Board of Directors elected Hank to serve as President.