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Who We Are

Ambassadors for US Flue-Cured Tobacco Growers

US flue-cured tobacco farmers produce unmatched flavor and aroma worldwide.  Since 1947, they have relied on us to promote it internationally.  For 70 years, we have conducted customized market development programs that inform, educate, train and assist our partners abroad in understanding and utilizing the superior quality attributes found ONLY in US flue-cured.  Through our efforts, our partners have come to appreciate and depend on the unique quality advantages of US flue-cured to be competitive and have continued to depend on our organization for objective, unbiased advice and assistance to complement their purchases.  As the face and voice of US growers, we strive to provide optimum assistance to our international partners while helping sustain the growers' export market. [READ LESS]

Our mission today has remained unchanged since our inception in 1947… to develop and expand export markets for US flue-cured tobacco.  To accomplish our mission, we have developed six core promotion programs that cover all aspects of our leaf and our industry... from FIELD to FINISHED PRODUCT.  Funding for our programs and operations is solely based on a self-imposed assessment collected from growers.  We receive no additional third-party funding nor do we engage in buying or selling tobacco or tobacco products… OUR ROLE IS STRICTLY ASSISTANCE and PROMOTION!  Overseeing our operations is a 16-member Board of Directors representing the flue-cured producing states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  We are headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina USA and staffed by experienced tobacco professionals that are assisted by a network of expert consultants… that is Who We Are.


Chairman’s Welcome

 David Hinnant, Chairman of the Board
David Hinnant

Board of Directors


Officers & Advisors

Hank Mozingo, President